NOIP Dynamic DNS - Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite

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NOTE: This article is now void as firmware 1.7 for the edgerouter includes the ability to add custom dynamic dns hosts.

I’m a fan of ubiquiti products, great price point with a lot of good features, there’s a fair amount of documentation on the internet regarding their gear too, I had a bit of time over the weekend to look into setting up dynamic DNS on my Edge router lite. I did however run into a few hiccups. The documentation i came across was from 2013 and quite a few router firmware’s ago too. For the original instructions and credit goes to Marty, click here.

Firstly SSH on to your Edge Router **You could use the CLI option on the GUI but it seems a little bit lacking for my taste

We need to edit the dynamic DNS config file, this is located at "/opt/vyatta/sbin/" to do this we also need to run the editor as the root user.

Issue the following command

sudo -u root vi /opt/vyatta/sbin/

Once the vi editor has opened the config file hit 'a' to switch vi to be in edit mode. Then hash out the following line.

## $output .= "use=if, if=$interface\n\n\n";

Then either above or below the newly hashed out line enter the following

$output .= "use=web,, web-skip='Current IP Address: '\n";

Once you have done this we then need to save the configuration. Do this by pressing ESC key and then typing


That is now the dynamic dns configuration file edited, we then need to configure the service.

set service dns dynamic interface eth1 service dyndns host-name YOURHOST.DOMAIN.COM
set service dns dynamic interface eth1 service dyndns server
set service dns dynamic interface eth1 service dyndns login NOIP.COM-USERNAME
set service dns dynamic interface eth1 service dyndns password NOIP.COM-PASSWORD

**Note: The password doesn’t seem to like special characters, so stick to letters and numbers if possible.

Issue the command

show dns dynamic status

Which then should return something similar to this below:

interface   : eth1

ip address   : 123.456.78.9

host-name   :

last update : Thu Jan 1 08:00:00 1970

update-status: good

I am not sure why the date is out, but from what I read it is safe to ignore.

Differences from the original instructions;

  • It seems that NOIP has over the years changed their domain from to which I originally overlooked.
  • Dyndns have changed their check ip page contents from 'IP Address: ' to 'Current IP Address: '
  • With the domain name change the update server names also need to be changed to reflect this.

Also with my current firmware v1.6 it does have the ability to setup dynamic DNS via the GUI. However due to NOIP not being a provider option in the dynamic dns options it caused big problems with my configuration. I hope this helps someone out.