Setup KRON reload task on Cisco 837

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I needed to setup a scheduled maintenance window for my router to reboot on a regular basis for various reasons. After doing a bit of research into it, i found that it could be performed quite simply using a kron job.
See commands below:

configure terminal
kron occurrence RTR-MAINT-RELOAD at 03:30 recurring
policy-list RTR-MAINT-RELOAD
kron policy-list RTR-MAINT-RELOAD
cli reload
write memory

These commands will set the router to reload every morning at 3:30am using a kron job that we created called RTR-MAINT-RELOAD. If you issue the command “show kron schedule” it will then display the next kron run time similar to this:
Kron Occurrence Schedule
RTR-MAINT-RELOAD inactive, will run again in 0 days 05:55:56 at 3 :30 on