Convert Cisco 1142LWAP (Lightweight) to Autonomous

Posted in Wireless Networking


  • Cisco 1142 Light weight wireless access point
  • Cisco 1142 autonomous IOS
  • TFTP server
  • Computer & network cables

Browse to your Autonomous IOS and rename the IOS from c1140-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JY to c1140-k9w7-tar.default for an 1142 WAP.

Set your Workstation IP address to subnet it is fine to leave the default gateway blank. start up your TFTP server, i use TFTPD available here. Set your "Current Directory" to the directory that your autonomous ios is stored in.

Plug a network cable from your computer either directly into the WAP or into the power injector switch port. *Note if you are not using a power injector you will require a 48VDC power cable to power the access point.

If you are using a power injector you will require an additional network cable to plug in from the injector to the WAP.

Once you plug the access point into power, the status light should start flashing. press and hold the mode button on the back until the status light turns red.

Once the status light turns red you can release the mode button and the access point should begin pulling across the IOS from your TFTP server.


If you have issues use a console cable to view the CLI to see for any errors. The access point will reboot once the IOS is copied across.