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So recently i finally managed to get my Aten USB to Serial adapter working with my Macbook Pro running OSX Mountain Lion. Next i was on the hunt to find something that i could actually use with the freshly installed adapter. 99% of its use is to configure Cisco switches/routers & wireless access points. I came across a few different options but found CoolTerm to be the one for me.

Written by Roger Meier, and avaliable for free over at his website. Coming from a windows background i usually used SecureCRT or Putty. Personally i liked they way that you could set up a default connection in putty with the required settings such as Baud rate, Data Bits, Parity, Stop Bits & Flow control.

On first glance it looked as though i would have to enter these settings everytime i ran the CoolTerm program, which seemed to be a bit of a drag considering it wasn't the first thing that popped up when the program was opened. However after a bit of searching around i found that it was possible.

To setup a default configuration, follow the steps below:

Open up CoolTerm
Setup the program how you like it (For me it was to the cisco specs)
Next save the connection as Default
Exit CoolTerm
Browse to the location you saved the Default connection from the previous step
Copy and paste into the location that your CoolTerm program executes. example: /Applications/CoolTermMac/