Disable External Auditron Fuji Xerox

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Recently, i had a client that decided to use a third party print management software. Long story short the company went bust so now they have various printers around the site that have swipe cards that don’t work and they are unable to print or photocopy.

After a lot of trawling through forum posts and various printer help me websites that actually don’t lead you to any sort of help, I managed to cobble together a working solution.

I figured that if I simply unplugged the external swipe card device it would not recognise it and switch to local accounting or no job accounting… logical thinking right ?? nope.

When I unplugged the external device, it gave a error code of 121-333

To fix:

  1. Power off copier
  2. Unplug the external device
  3. Power back on copier
  4. When it is at the error screen, press and hold 0 for ten seconds and then press the Start key
  5. This will then prompt you for the service tech menu password which is 6789
  6. Press System Settings, common settings, Maintenance, NVM Read/Write
  7. Enter the NVM of 850-001
  8. Change the value from 1 to 0
  9. Save and exit
  10. Once you have exited the tech menu the copier should restart and you should be ready to go.

NOTE: If the device is still connected it will not update the value, as I found out J