Cisco 3750 Stack Switch Re-Numbering

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Recntly i was required to replace a core with a Cisco 3750 stack. I have dealt with these switches before and never had any issues however i encountered problems today when it came to the switch numbering. I like to go the extra mile when it comes to setting up racks because alot of people don't do it properly in the first place which can cause all sorts of issues down the road. Simple things like changing the switch number to suit the physical order of the switches in a stacking scenario can make all the difference and prevent accidents happening when modifing a switch config.

Ideally you would see this sort of configuration when the switches are stacked:


However when i booted all my switches up they were all over the place. For example Switch number 1 from my diagram above was set to switch number 3 etc..


To solve this problem i issued the following command

conf t
switch 3 renumber 1

The switch will then prompt you to confirm the switch renumber hit enter to confirm and then write the config and reload!