Apple configurator 2 - WiFi profiles

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So Apple has released the new version of Apple Configurator which is aptly called Apple Configurator 2. Initial thoughts seem to indicate that they have finally listened to the people. Its a little bit confusing to begin with if your coming from an Apple configurator 1 environment however it didnt take me long before i managed to get the hang of the newly introduced 'Blueprints' and managed to supervise the handful of new iPads i had to deploy.

One thing i did notice that i think is worth mentioning is the following. If you are migrating from an existing environment, then you might dodge a bullet here. In this case i was setting the iPads and macbook up from scratch and didnt have an existing configurator to migrate from (When using apple configurator 1 and migrating to 2 it will transfer all your supervised devices,apps & profiles to the new version), when it came to the configuration of the wireless settings for the devices i ran into a hurdle.

Most of the environments i work with we run WPA2 - Enterprise which will require a username, password & certificate to authenticate against the radius server. When it comes to entering the password it doesnt seem to allow you to enter it, it simply has the ! sign.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.22.32 AM


I managed to get around this by, closing and saving the profile. Then heading back in and editing the profile. I have no idea why this is currently doing this but it should get you back and running :)